Private & Semi-Private Equine Retirement in Virginia

Calm Serenity in a Caring, Peaceful & Relaxed Pastoral Setting

 Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge & Appalachian Mountains you will find Tranquil Equine Retirement Perfection at Rugby Creek.  Encompassed by 67 acres of lush orchard grass pastures, shade trees with cool mountain summer breezes and very few insects, your horse will be able to live out the Golden Years in peaceful granduer.   We believe that all aspects; physical, mental and emotional are equally valuable in providing your horse with the best equine retirement possible.  Taking into consideration what their individual needs are from nutrition, personal attention and congenial pasture mates, we strive to give your horse the absolute best in equine retirement with a personal touch. 


Rugby Creek Equine Retirement is privately owned and operated by Ashley & Kelly Smart. We have a lifetime of experience in horse management, showing & breeding.  Therefore, we have a vast knowledge of the many different needs your horse might require.  It is our belief that every horse has his/her own unique personality and needs.  We strive to accommodate, on an individual basis, not only the physical needs but also special attention is given to nurturing the emotional and mental well being of each horse.  In order to provide this level of personalized attention and care, we have chosen to limit our number of Retirees accepted to maintain our Specialties (please inquire about available spots or to be put on a waiting list).  

If you have a horse that is finding it difficult to adjust from show life to ordinary pasture life in a group and/or herd setting then our Specialized Private & Semi-Private Equine Retirement is the perfect  solution.

Your horse will have lush Virginia orchard grass pastures with shade trees to meander and day dream.  


We reside in an apartment above one of the barns with views of all the pastures so that we can keep a close watch on all our trustees and ensure they are happy and healthy on a daily basis.  

Visiting Your Horse

 Even with photo updates and great communication with you, it just isn’t the same as seeing your horse in person, hugging them and smelling them for yourself!  To that end we are happy to provide you with the option to rent a cabin while you visit your horse.  Located here on the property are 2 very unique and relaxing vacation rental cabins.    

We are here to offer a safe, secluded and peaceful setting for your best friend and trusted steed to live out their golden years.  Here at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement we specialize in offering private & semi-private equine retirement.  We feel that in order to fully meet your horse’s uniqueness…. We want to personally “know” your horse, not simply provide a place for your horse!  

Boarding Options


Retirement For Stallions

Imagine a place where your retired stallion can live out his retirement grazing about his own private field, relaxing in his private stall allowed to come and go at his leisure...wouldn't all stallions dream of this type of retirement?  Well at Rugby Creek those stallion dreams can come true!


Semi-Private Retirement

We all love friends and what better way for your horse to retire than with a friend a side.  Our semi-private options are 2 horses per field.  We choose horses that get along very well to share each other's company, share leisure grazing and the comfort of a large shed to spend lazy afternoons and peaceful nights... together.


Private Retirement

There are some of us that prefer to have it all to ourselves for many different reasons and for those we have private paddocks/pastures with access to a shed or stall to come and go at their choice.  Private boarders have others nearby or sharing a fence line but have their own place all to themselves

Special Needs No Problem

We welcome and are very experienced with horses who have special needs.  We are very familiar with and can accomodate their individual needs.  

  • Blindness or Sight Issues
  • Weight Management/Dry Lots
  • Cushings, Laminitis Etc
  • Stressful Personalities - OK
  • Specific Farrier Need

More About Us

 Each pasture has a heated, automatic waterer, PVC coated high-visibility black fencing is well-maintained and highly visible for safety.  Our stalls are a minimum of 12×12 boxes with a few being oversize for our larger residents, all stalls are wood lined, rubber matted and have heated water buckets. Giving your horse only the best in nutrition we feed ProElite.  We provide a excellent quality, soft Orchard/Timothy hay, weed free and grown nearby in the rich river bottoms of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.  Our automatic waterers are continuously fed by fresh cool mountain streams.

We work closely with several mobile veterinarians within the local area and for any more serious needs have a couple of wonderful equine clinics/state veterinary hospitals providing any further needs.  We work with a Certified Corrective Blacksmith and Certified PBHT Farrier: they each have a soft and gentle touch and a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to corrective shoeing/trimming and special needs of the hoof.



Cross-Fencing and Subdivided Fields with PVC Coated Horse-Safe Black Visibility Hi-Tensile Fencing


Automatic Heated Waterers


Gravel hallways through the barn areas and dirt dry lots for those with management issues


Stalls are lined with rubber mats


Run-In Sheds in the Fields 


Limited Stall Boarding is available

Our Services

 Our equine retirement packages include basic vaccines, deworming and trimming. (Emergencies, Dental Care etc will require you to carry an account with our Veterinarian) We are glad to accommodate your horse in any in-climate weather with a fly mask and/or sheet in the summer and blanketing in winter (mask, sheet and blankets must be provided by the horse owner)

If your horse requires any special or additional needs (supplements, custom feed, extra grooming, shoes or corrective farrier work etc), we will be glad to administer or provide these additional services for your horse…additional costs may apply.

*Always willing to provide “custom care” packages, contact us with your horses specific needs for a quote and services we can provide*  

Board Prices

Please Note: ALL prices are subject to change, please inquire

Bring your horse home to Rugby Creek and let the Golden Years Truly be Golden

If you retire your horse with us at Rugby Creek Equine Retirement you can rest assured that your horse will be “treated as one of our very own”.  We look forward to giving you peace of mind and giving your horse peace of heart!

From Grand Prix winners to just that special foal you raised up 22 years ago… All are equally important and deserve the finest in care, nutrition, tranquility and love.

Rugby Creek does not offer any lessons, shows or clinics on the farm premises